politentia (politentia) wrote in conserv_liberal,

Morale Boost

In case nobody has noticed, the press has been having a field day with Libby's indictment and Harriet Miers, turning every incident that sheds a bad light on the administration into proof of a term-long radical agenda of Bush's. Bush's approval ratings are lower than they have ever been. So is American pride. Vindicating our president and his administration for mistakes which they should not have made but which now are in the past is useless. A lack of motivation for moving our country forward could prove more fatal than a corrupt administration in the White House has ever been; because that is what all of the negative press on Bush is: a lack of motivation to take the fate of our country into our own hands. While we blame our president for the world's problems, we perpetuate those problems in failing to take action. There is a reason this generation has been called "generation why". The American people need a serious morale boost to show them that they CAN change the world when they unite under the American flag. I am not talking about a protest against the Bush administration. That would further lower morale. What I am talking about is the political involvement from every American citizen that is key; because if the most powerful people in the world who have the right to free speech choose not to use that right in a proactive way, the world will fall silent.
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